May 6, 2015 (Induction Day)

As I rolled over for the millionth time to look at my phone and see, again, that it was not yet 5 AM I sighed and rolled over. I wasn’t due at the hospital until 6 AM and it was barely 2:30. The wait was nearly over and I could barely rest up for the big day that was quickly approaching. Even though I was being impatient I was more worried about complications than anything. No matter how I felt sleep ultimately found me and the alarm that went off just three hours later was an unwelcome sound.

We got dressed and woke my mother, she and my father would be joining us later that morning. Grabbed pillows and laptops then walked out the house. The last time ever that it would be just he and I. When we return to this door it will be with baby in tow. I was grateful that I had already packed the trunk of the car full of our things. I practically took the whole house!

We arrived at the Hospital after the short drive to the hospital, small talk and smiles the whole way. Not fully grasping the incredulous adventure that was about to begin. Checked in through the ER and made our way to the maternity ward where they showed us our “suite”. The room was dark (partly due to the fact that the sun had still not risen) and quiet. Soon we would be meeting our little girl.

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So around 7:00 AM I got my IV and started my induction with a round of pitocin. Labor took off quickly but not as fast as they had hoped since I was sitting at 3cm before we even started. With each contraction growing stronger around noon they decided to break my water to get things moving. They used an Internal monitor because jelly bean kept moving away from the external monitor and having a nurse come in every 10 minutes to find the heart beat again was getting annoying.

Before the internal monitor was put in I was confined to my bed dealing with labor by turning right and left not getting to really walk around. The hospital told me that I had to be monitored to make sure the baby was not having any problems. Thinking back after I got the internal monitor I could have gotten up to walk around, but at that point I was getting contractions every 5-10 minutes and couldn’t really think straight. The pain that I remember was excruciating like someone was breaking my back bones repeatedly. I don’t say this to frighten anyone, but it freaking sucked. I had back labor like nobody’s business.


At one point my uncle called my fathers phone (he was just chilling in the room with us) and asked what that sound was in the background, my father replied thats Debbie she’s in labor.

Hours Later..

I was told many a time that there was a more civilized way to give birth, but I held on as long as I could. Wave after wave until it was time then it happened after pushing as hard as I could for about an hour she was here. I was crying, she was crying, and Jeff cut the cord.

There she was this perfect little angel, ten fingers, ten toes. Hair as black as the night and the most beautiful complexion.

Freyah Lynn was born at 6:32 pm weighing 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches long.

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And thats how our adventure began.

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