Just Keep Moving Mommy

So today was the first time that I ever took Bitty Boo to the Mall.  I know crazy right? That she made it to almost 9 months old without me dragging her to the mall. Haha.. ha.  I may have been a germaphobic when she was born.. I chanced going to the regular store but the mall?? NO WAY! Too many germs.

Well since her immune system is pretty well balanced, due to daycare, and mommy had a much needed apple care appointment today we decided to venture into the unknown. I’d like to make a huge shout out to my mom for coming along with us, I had so much anxiety today I wouldn’t have made it without her.

So we get to the mall, (which is about a 45 minute drive from our country town) find a parking spot in the Macy’s/Forever 21 parking lot and make our way into Macy’s Children’s Department Store. Which was probably the WORSE place for me and my mother to go to. Haha we have an obnoxious shopping problem when it comes to buying clothes for Bitty Boo. Luckily fate was in our favor and we only walked out after spending like $35.00 which is amazing considering they were having a 40% off sale.

Any who we met up with one of my friends for a bit 😀 I was so excited for her to meet the baby!! Then made our way (partially ran) to my apple care appointment. Dodging those annoying people on the way there trying to spray me with the next $70.00 perfume or trying to get me to switch from my cellular carrier to theirs. -sigh- *rolls eyes* LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Up until this point Bitty Boo had been really good, barely fussing, just taking in the scenery. As soon as we get up to the Genius Bar she starts in and in swoops SUPER NAWNAW! Seriously, trying to talk to someone about your computer’s problems while your  child is upset is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because the whole time you’re utterly distracted.  Trying to keep your mind on what you’re there for and not your child getting mad that we stopped moving the stroller is not easy. Finally she settles down with her sippy cup and we get everything handled.

After that we went to the food court, got something to drink, and a snack while feeding the baby.

Freyahs 1st mall trip

She was feeling much better at this point so we decided to go look at Bra’s and then some slacks. During the bra escapade she falls asleep and then as soon as you stop moving the stroller..

BAM! She’s crying at you.  All you can hear is your body screaming at you keep it moving don’t stop just go in circles if it calms her.  I mean she wasn’t even all that upset looking back at it. She was just tired and hungry, but the whole time my anxiety is just yelling at me inside my head saying, “hey stupid fix whats wrong.”

Of course my stupid self doesn’t pack enough food for how long we were gone and the baby is starving so we stop at Wal-mart to buy some of those squeezable food pouches (pictured below) and I have to say that was a life saver! For the first time all afternoon I could breathe because the baby wasn’t in any form of distress.


I gotta say handling all of this anxiety is exhausting, but I know it would have been worse if I were handling it all alone.  My mom is amazing and she helps me every day.  Im always apologizing for not being able to fix the problem my child is having right away.  Apologizing for her crying and being upset or loud.  But my mom always tells me that its okay and you know what it is okay.  Its totally fine that my child was upset and loud, who cares if it was bothering someone.  No one seemed super irritated by it, so why should I feel ashamed of not being able to calm her instantly?

Kids are going to be kids, they cry, spit, sneeze on faces, drool, scream. However, they also hug, laugh, kiss, smile, say your name in grumpy monster voices, cuddle, and give you eskimo kisses that turn into forehead wrestling matches. (lol.)

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Sometimes being a mom is incredibly demanding, hell the other morning she woke up at 3 am and didn’t go back to sleep. She was ready to start the day. I had only 3 hours of sleep before doing a full day at school.  Sometimes it sucks when it comes to sleep, but every hour in between, every hour you spend teaching them things and watching them grow a personality is all worth it.

Just keep moving Mommy, just keep moving.

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