RSV and My Family

Probably the worst thing you can hear over the phone as a parent is, “Im taking her to the hospital.” Especially when you’re about an hour away in school.

The words, “She stopped breathing for a minute,” and, “She now has labored breathing,” kept repeating in my mind.  Like a broken record singing the same old tune over and over while I tried to fill out an early release form for school.  Putting up all of my belongings was like a train wreck.  Medication no longer fixed the jittery hands and anxiety that began itching throughout my entire body.

Clocking out and basically running to the car I called my husband (for the second time in all the mayhem) to see where he was at. Today was a pretty important day for the both of us.

Side Note: Earlier that day my husband had been at his first day of work (a much welcomed occasion) and I had started the first day of Salon Concepts (the halfway point of my cosmetology program).

We were both returning from the Houston area, but at the speed of light.  My husband made it to the ER first (approx. 5 minutes before me).  I pulled in to the parking lot to see his car and my mothers truck.  Walking inside my heart pounded like it was going to burst up out of my chest cavity into my throat. I took a deep breath and waited at the ER window for the idiot behind the desk to answer the plea on my face.

“Can I help you,” he asked?  “I’m Freyah’s mother, she was brought in for breathing issues,” I replied. “Room 10.”

Thats all I needed to know, after hearing those words I took off towards the double doors. My family wasn’t ignorant to this hospital.  We had been here many times over the years, from my brother almost poking his eye out with needle nose pliers (by freak accident of course) to my mother scaring the crap out of me and having a seizure (which was completely unexplained). Nephews having sicknesses or accidents, I myself had been in ICU here just when I was 19 for bleeding out after having my adenoids removed.  Family and friends children had been born in this hospital.  My daughter had been born here. I prayed that she was okay and left the aide in the office in my dust as I sped through the ER desperately looking for the ominous “Room 10.”

I heard my husband voice coddle our sweet daughters whines as I turned the corner and my mother explaining that they had just given her a nebulizer treatment.  I entered the door and instantly Freyah smiled at me then stretched out her arms for me. Embracing her fully she wriggled her fingers through my curls and I let out a sigh of relief.  Knowing that she was breathing better than before with less wheeze than I had heard earlier that day.  I looked at my mom and thanked her repeatedly.

They came in and got chest x-rays, but they came back clear so at least she didn’t have pneumonia or bronchitis. Then the doctor came in, “Well she tested positive for RSV.”  I didn’t even know what RSV is.  I just said, “okay so what do we do?”  She wrote us prescriptions gave us tylenol (rolls eyes I have that at home), and told us to suction out her nose with saline (not to mention she prescribed ADULT NOSE SPRAY) We left and then began one of the longest nights of my life.

Tears and wheezing, followed by fever and not eating. What could I do? The doctor said there was no cure for this RSV. So I did what every mom does now days.  I went to the internet.  I learned that RSV stands for Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus.  It is a common seasonal virus that causes mild to moderate cold-like symptoms in healthy, full term babies.  Nearly all children catch this at some point by the age of two. (You can read more here embracing beauty blog) I learned that I should contact my regular pediatrician if I notice any of the following blueing lips or fingernails, wheezing, or fever. So I called her pediatrician the next morning, but couldn’t get her in until Wednesday.

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At that appointment she received another nebulizer treatment and they sent us home with a puppy nebulizer and lots of refills of medication.  Ever since she’s been getting better.  However did you know that adults can catch RSV as well? RSV usually causes mild cold-like signs and symptoms including but not limited to congestion or runny nose.


All in all, as a family, we are doing much better. Husband and I still have a runny nose, but we are not contagious! Yay 😀 and Freyah has been over 48 hours now without medication or fever!  So back to school for the both of us.. and no more driving like an idiot on the highway.. for a while at least.  The only other update today is that yesterday around 4:30 pm Bitty Boo started getting really cranky and I felt inside her mouth and she has a tooth! Well.. not a whole tooth but the start of one and thats all that matters!

I seriously thought I was going to have a toothless child for a while haha! Thanks for reading!!

2 thoughts on “RSV and My Family

  1. My oldest son had RSV as a baby and it was brutal. He turned out to be my emergency room kid, the one with broken bones and torn ligaments and oddball illnesses, but next week he’ll be 17 and knock on wood, I haven’t been the mad woman on the highway in a good while! (PS, I followed your blog from the discussion on Mom Bloggers Club so I hope you will follow me back.)

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    1. Holy smokes, Fred – you can go a long, long way, and not find a more encouraging, and wonderfully written letter than what Shieldmaiden has been kind enough to post here. You have put love into the world where it didn’t exist before – what a blessing! God bless the stystoellerr, and those who love them.

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