Easter is Upon Us

Since Easter is quickly approaching I decided to do something cute for Freyah’s daycare class and give each child in her class an easter gift “from Freyah.”  I did quite a lot of research trying to find something suitable for an infant room that would be interesting for each child no matter the age and this is what I came up with.

I searched all over Target for the best thing and decided upon these little sensory balls that light up.  I figured that each child would enjoy them.

Then I went to the Easter Aisle and found some “Easter Grass” but decided upon the paper kind incase the kids get into the actual bag.  Reason being that although i’d never give my child paper to eat, paper will digest and turn to mush so its easily swallowed, plastic does not and could choke a child/ lead to worse health problems if ingested. Any who heres the Deborah was to make Easter Gifts for and Infant Class.


  •  Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Cello Bags
  • Balls
  • Printed off Easter Tags
  • Sharpie
  • Paper Easter Grass

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Before we get started in the DIY Instructions let me just tell you that I did not make these adorable Easter Tags I searched online and found a printable from another blog. I mean lets face it.. I’m not nearly smart enough to make my own nor do I have a subscription to my photoshop account anymore. You can find the blog here, printable1 here, and printable2 here. Now on to how I made these gifts!

Step One: I signed Freyahs name to the tags and then cut them out, then I hole punched them.

Step Two:Filled all the Cello Bags with Easter Grass

Step Three: Put a ball in each bag

Step Four: Tied each bag and added the tag then Voila!

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There you have it cute simple Easter gifts for your little ones friends at school! Hope you found this tutorial easy and fun!

Side Note: Freyah and I went out with a friend the other day and took Easter Photos in the Texas Bluebonnets, which is a tradition here. So heres the photos from the shoot!

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