Snapchat. . The next bullying tactic?

For years photos and videos have surfaced where someone is being made fun of just for being themselves and I’m sick of it.

Now that Snapchat is widely used throughout most of the generations (your brothers and sisters have it, your mom has it, even your grandma has it) I feel like it’s just another outlet for bullys to make use of.  Everyday I get on my snapchat and it’s just one more video of someone making fun of how fat someone is, how fast someone is eating, catching someone with an ugly face, laughing at your friends or even complete strangers for dancing or the food in their cart at the store. Its not only snapchat it’s instagram and Facebook too.  So why has this become so popular in today’s culture? Why is it the norm to just over look your friends snaps or laugh at/with them at someone’s struggles? It makes me mad. Furious in fact.

You don’t know what someone else is going through. Making fun of someone who is overweight does not help anyone. Okay, maybe it makes your skinny bitch ass feel better even though you still have self image problems. But where did we as a society decide that it was okay to dog on someone while they were down?

I have weight problems and for the first time in a long time I have admitted to myself that I need to do something about it. However, not everyone has something to shock their system into needing to be healthier. Some people have just given up or just have a hard time in general losing weight. For those who don’t know fat is easier to put on than it is to take off.  For years I’ve hated my body and struggled to lose weight with my thyroid disease and it took getting on the right diet to make any change to my weight. The whole time being bullied by people or getting disrespectful looks while at the store or attending school.

I feel like we should be lifting each other up not tearing them down and definitely not sharing viral videos of people dancing and making fun of them for it. You should be rejoicing in the fact that they put themselves on that dance floor and are trying to have confidence to enjoy themselves. To better themselves because cardio is cardio no matter how you look at it.  The only time I ever danced in public without having a mini heart attack from anxiety was when I was inebriated. I give major props to those who can even go to the gym and not break down crying because of self esteem issue *cough cough* me.

As a parent I don’t want my daughter to ever be ashamed of herself because someone shared a video of her being a normal kid/person.

So before you show your friends and family how much of an ass you are why don’t you stop being so damn hateful. Kindness deserves to go viral not hate.

So do yourself a favor make #snapchatlovenothate