Lewis Party of 4.. WHAT?!?!

Entertaining the idea that I wouldn’t actually be pregnant I satisfied the worry by taking a test anyways.  I was only two maybe three days late? Nah, this wouldn’t be it. We had been safe… for the most part. I chuckled to myself at the idea of being pregnant again even though my daughter had only just turned 1 years old two weeks ago.

Then our lives changed again. Two lines slowly and faintly appeared right before the 3 minute mark and by the 5 minute mark there was no denying that I was indeed pregnant with jelly bean #2. My mind went from holy craps to oh my god’s. I texted a bestie asking if she saw that I saw before even telling my husband. I said, “Hey babe? were… pregnant.” Jeff reply? “Huh, Cool.” Still to this day I roll my eyes to that statement.

After the stress of planning Freyah’s birthday party, I had experienced light headed or faint feelings, a rise in temperature/over heating, and issues eating anything.  I just assumed it was my thyroid and decided to find an Endocrinologist.  Which is how I found out that I had hashimotos disease. Its an auto-immune disease where your body literally kills your thyroid. Shortly after that I took the pregnancy test that would tell me all of my symptoms were in fact due to pregnancy.

We decided to keep the pregnancy a secret, minus a few close friends and my parents.  Mostly because of issues that I had from my first pregnancy that indeed reared its head again this pregnancy with bleeding or spotting and the in ability to eat almost anything.  My thyroid issue was out of control and gave our child only a 50% chance of surviving the 1st trimester.  I was scared that if my thyroid wasn’t watched closely that I would lose our little bean.

Fast Forward to today.

Luckily my Ob-Gyn assured me that I had nothing to worry about.  The heart rate is in the 170’s and growth rate is on time.  He feels there is no reason not to rejoice or enjoy this pregnancy like I did the last. So as I enter my second trimester I find it fitting to take announcement photos and share with the world … or Facebook rather.. that were expecting another addition to the family and we honestly couldn’t be happier.  Yeah maybe were not where we want to be.  Were a family on a budget, a severe budget.  Were a family who still lives with my parents, but every day we get closer to being on our feet and in our own home. If it weren’t for my family helping us every step of the way my little family would be living in our cars parked in some parking lot just barely getting by.  I thank god every day that we have a roof over our heads and food in our tummies. Adding one more of course is going to be an interesting challenge but we will make do. Just like we always have.

With school coming close to ending Im one step further to getting a job that can help us make bills or take that family vacation that we’ve always wanted.  So in February we will have a new little one. A cutie pa-tootie if you will. And were thrilled! So without further ado here are some photos taken by one of my all-time favorite girls Alicia you can see her page here.

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P.s. lately I’ve become INSANELY OBSESSED with Lu La Roe.  Its a clothing line thats 100% unique the dress I’m wearing in the photoshoot is a Nichole Dress. If anyones interested in even just looking at the designs I’m going to link my distributor here.

Mermaid Party fit for a Princess

So seeing as how May was a VERY busy month for us I decided better late than never and post about our Mermaid Theme Birthday Party.  I’m one of those people who always thinks that DIY is the best way to go about parties.  Even if it stresses me out to complete exhaustion and I don’t even get to enjoy the party I know that my daughter will have photos to remind her that her first birthday was bitchin’.  So I went all out found tutorials or went on pinterest and looked at ideas and this is what I ended up with.  Enjoy the photos I’ll post recipes and links as needed underneath the photos.

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Right away theres was a panic because every mothers worst party nightmare comes true as soon as you get to the venue that you’ve reserved and paid for and theres another party already there cutting it close to the wire.  Because then you have to be the bitch, the rude one, the one who’s like look dude I paid for this you need to leave, we have to set up. So after that was that we went over to the play yard and swing while party guests began showing up and the other party slowly moved out of the way.

Being a Big family we set up the party in about an hour and it was all fun just helping out and getting things done.


Lime Sherbert Punch: Recipe I actually added cherry 7 up instead of ginger ale to give it color and flavor and then half a gallon of Berry Blue Hawaiian Punch to make it look “Sea Worthy”.

Jello Cups were Blueberry Flavor with Swedish Fish and marshmallows. Nothing too fancy.

I made “Jelly Fish” for the children incase they didn’t want pin wheels which was literally jelly sandwiches cut into fish with a cookie cutter.

Pinwheels: Recipe This is the exact recipe here and Oh man they were a hot commodity and we still had a whole platter to take home! It was a very welcomed left over ❤ yum.

Mermaid Rice Crispy’s: Made according to the package and then set in a rectangle container where i let them set.  After done I cut them into rectangles and then melted chocolate melts and dipped them in to create that V for a mermaids tail.  Left over melts were used in a shell chocolate mold to create a “shell bra”.

Cake Pops: Pinterest Link Here I followed this tutorial to the T. It turned out amazing. NOTE If you can’t find styrofoam to put the cake pops on to dry try buying a cheap cake pop stand. They cost about 5$ and can be reused at the party :D.

Most party supplies were bought from Target or from the local Card and Party Factory.

Over all It was a great first birthday .. that got rained out about 45 minutes after we set up! Haha thats okay it made for great memories and lots of fun with family and friends.  Credit of photos go to one of my bestie’s Alicia Rosiu if your in the Houston/Huntsville/Bryan/College Station areas she’s freaking amazing.  Her Facebook page is The Art of Observation Photography.

Any who thats all I’ve got for now, again sorry for the late post.

Fire Displaces Family

As I peer down the road at midnight my vision captures an organized chaos.  Firetrucks line the road, neighbors throwing valuables in their cars and their families to evacuate the fiery scene that laid before our eyes.

A house approximately half a block away (across the street) had caught fire.   I ran inside to wake my husband and start to gather important things for our daughter in case we were asked to leave. Then change out of my night clothes into something descent and grab the baby monitor to go outside and see if there was anything I could do. Of course being a regular civilian theres not much I can do but be there and watch the whole thing happen.

The fire was rapidly spreading through the house and embers were flying in the sky where the wind was shifting them across the street.  Dangerously landing on the roofs and tree tops two houses down from my own.  Suddenly the roof collapsed and a burst of fire rang up into the sky, catching the trees that hung so closely to the home.  Heat reared towards my body as I started to fear that there were children who could be hurt.  Many families lived near by in an apartment complex and I hoped that everyone exited safely.  Soon after that people from the street over came rushing up to us asking if anyone was still in there.  We replied with “I don’t know’s and I hope not’s.”  They ran off down the road panicking for  their loved ones.  One man came around the corner of the road and ran towards the line of fire trucks hands on his head crying, “Thats my house! Thats my house!”

While the fire fighters fought what seemed like forever to get the flames down there was left a smoldering ember of what used to be a home to a long time Huntsville family who have now lost everything.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who were involved and I pray with all of my might that no one was hurt.  At this time it is unconfirmed that there were any casualties.

Its strange how you can be lying in bed ready to end your night all to hear popping and see flashing lights in the windows.  When you go to check whats going on, theres peoples lives changing right before your eyes.  Makes you realize that your whole life can change in an instant. Count your blessings tonight. I know I will.

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*edit* For those wondering the fire was located off Avenue J behind the middle school. I had originally thought the fire was at the apartment complex that was right next to the house that actually was on fire. Sorry for the wrong information. Still no news has covered this story and I find it quite odd that a fire that which forced an entire block out of their homes has no cover worthy points with even the local news paper.  If this had happened in a wealthy neighborhood it would have been on KHOU. Im really irritated about this. If I see anything news wise I will update the story and give more facts based upon what has happened. Otherwise I’m just a concerned neighbor looking for answers.

Teething and Diapers

I write this while sitting on the toilet. Well, let me rephrase that, sitting on the toilet watching my daughter take the thirteenth bath this weekend due to the explosive diarrhea epidemic of the summer in 2016, other wise known as teething.

This weekend has particularly been challenging for me, and maybe I’m just being a big ol’ baby, but DEAR LORD! This child. She has been in the best of moods, the worst of moods and gone through so many pieces of clothing in only 4 days that I feel like I’m losing my shit. It makes me want to pull my hair out that theres nothing that I can do to make the upset stomach problems go away.  She’s very temperamental and I mean who wouldn’t be if your bottom was 7 shades of spotted red? Even if i change her the second it happens its still a mess and she’s constantly in pain! Whats a budget mom to do? Well I’ll tell you.

I dig through my drawers find my lavender essential oils and put it in every bath she takes!   Not to mention that I add a cup of powdered oatmeal to the bath to help soothe the tushy.

Although this weekend has been rough, and I’m sure the rest of this week will be as well, I look down at this little kid learning words at the speed of light, screaming like a pterodactyl because she loves to hear how high she can go, walking around and running into things or stomping her feet to hear the sound, I realize that I have no idea how my life would be right now if she were not in it.  I don’t even understand how I survived this world without her.  She lights up the room even if she’s throwing a tantrum.  She gives me the best damn hugs in the galaxy, no seriously ask her NawNaw she’ll agree.  Even when I’m having a melt down because she’s gone through all of her extra clothes and theres poopy diapers in the bed of the truck and some how it got on her face and arm.  She finds a way to make me calm down.  I really don’t know how I got to be so lucky in life, my husband and I are truly blessed.

I feel like lately I’ve been slacking as a mom, with being frustrated and stressed, school is now 4 days a week all day and then fitting doctors appointments (not just mine but Freyahs) in on Fridays I barely have time for cleaning or doing laundry.  For those with multiples I have no idea how you do it! I keep trying my best and I know in the long run its worth it for my family to be able to help provide.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last month.  No matter how little time I get with my child as long as I make the time we have together count and lots of fun my daughters love is unwavering.  I have come to accept the fact that my clothes are clean, but they will not always be put away in their places or hung up on a hanger in the proper place and thats okay! Being the perfect mom means getting things done as well as possible and not sweating the small stuff. The last thing I’ve learned is how to use my planning/ OCD skills to my best ability in planning out or sorting through all of our many appointments whether its doctors, dentists, WIC (yeah were on it don’t judge), grocery shopping,  or paying bills. It really has come in handy.

Just take it one diaper at a time, that’s all you can ever do.

P.S. that little chart that tells you when your kids teeth are supposed to come in is a liar. LOL