Fire Displaces Family

As I peer down the road at midnight my vision captures an organized chaos.  Firetrucks line the road, neighbors throwing valuables in their cars and their families to evacuate the fiery scene that laid before our eyes.

A house approximately half a block away (across the street) had caught fire.   I ran inside to wake my husband and start to gather important things for our daughter in case we were asked to leave. Then change out of my night clothes into something descent and grab the baby monitor to go outside and see if there was anything I could do. Of course being a regular civilian theres not much I can do but be there and watch the whole thing happen.

The fire was rapidly spreading through the house and embers were flying in the sky where the wind was shifting them across the street.  Dangerously landing on the roofs and tree tops two houses down from my own.  Suddenly the roof collapsed and a burst of fire rang up into the sky, catching the trees that hung so closely to the home.  Heat reared towards my body as I started to fear that there were children who could be hurt.  Many families lived near by in an apartment complex and I hoped that everyone exited safely.  Soon after that people from the street over came rushing up to us asking if anyone was still in there.  We replied with “I don’t know’s and I hope not’s.”  They ran off down the road panicking for  their loved ones.  One man came around the corner of the road and ran towards the line of fire trucks hands on his head crying, “Thats my house! Thats my house!”

While the fire fighters fought what seemed like forever to get the flames down there was left a smoldering ember of what used to be a home to a long time Huntsville family who have now lost everything.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who were involved and I pray with all of my might that no one was hurt.  At this time it is unconfirmed that there were any casualties.

Its strange how you can be lying in bed ready to end your night all to hear popping and see flashing lights in the windows.  When you go to check whats going on, theres peoples lives changing right before your eyes.  Makes you realize that your whole life can change in an instant. Count your blessings tonight. I know I will.

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*edit* For those wondering the fire was located off Avenue J behind the middle school. I had originally thought the fire was at the apartment complex that was right next to the house that actually was on fire. Sorry for the wrong information. Still no news has covered this story and I find it quite odd that a fire that which forced an entire block out of their homes has no cover worthy points with even the local news paper.  If this had happened in a wealthy neighborhood it would have been on KHOU. Im really irritated about this. If I see anything news wise I will update the story and give more facts based upon what has happened. Otherwise I’m just a concerned neighbor looking for answers.

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