20 Weeks and Counting!

Yesterday marked a big day in my 2nd pregnancy. The Half way mark of getting this bun in the oven outta here! Haha.

According to the various baby sites that I scour on the weekly, my baby should be the size of a small banana or the size of a small artichoke. Weighing around 10-10 1/2 ounces the baby should have eye brows and some hair on its head.  Apparently it can swallow now and has been producing meconium which is the first poop it will ever have.

Now if my doctors office can remove its head from its buttox I will find out the sex of the baby in the next two weeks.  Although I was already supposed to have an anatomy scan but thats neither here nor there, I’m just a tad salty if you can’t tell.  Most of the gender prediction things I’ve seen online based off of old wives tales says that I’m having another girl, however my pregnancy is so different than last time I’m still saying that its a boy.  Luckily we’ve already picked out names for the very occasion that we have either or, but you won’t be hearing those until the gender reveal. (hehe)

So far I’ve been sick non stop unless I’m taking my anti nausea medication and heart burn is trying to kill me.  Heat exhaustion this time around is literally going to be the death of me, thank god I’m having this kid in the winter because with my hypothyroidism causing my body to be very sensitive to heat being pregnant on top of it is making it much worse and I can’t even go enjoy a simple fair without having to sit down every few minutes. Which if anyone has ever been to a fair is rather hard to do since theres usually NO WHERE to sit. (rant aside Freyah had a delightful time at Fair on the Square this year even though mommy had to sit most of it out)

So back to the baby, Im already having strange dreams that either place me in a movie that doesn’t even exist yet or where I’m walking around questioning if I’ve had another child already that everyone is keeping a secret from me because I “lost” it.. idk but these pregnancy dreams are seriously freaky. Stay tuned for more revealing dreams in my third trimester because thats when it gets scary.

One thing I’ve been researching particularly a lot lately is pumping or hand expressing milk before the baby is born.  We all know (well most of us) that nipple stimulation is a big NO NO before you’re even close to 38-40 weeks but a lot of moms have written posts or video blogs about how expressing colostrum before giving birth helped prepare their bodies for a higher demand after the baby was born.  I find this really interesting because this was something I had a very hard time with when my first was born.  All normal stuff aside doctors will tell you that as long as your thyroid is acting normal you shouldn’t have any adverse affects with breastfeeding but let me tell you they’re all crazy. Unless you’re seeing an Endocrinologist (which i am now phew) regular doctors know nothing about how your thyroid affects your breast milk.

Back to the topic at hand here. Im thinking about trying to, at some point in this pregnancy, start to express on a weekly basis to up my milk supply before the baby is born.  Its really important to me that we make it past the 3 month goal of breastfeeding and get to at least  6 months.  Even if at that point I’m just pumping milk and bottle feeding it.  Its very important to me that I achieve this goal. Now in the end I understand that if I don’t make it to this goal that FED is BEST so don’t worry my child won’t be starving even if every drop of formula is killing me on the inside.

My dad told me a few weeks ago that I am too hard on myself. That I set impossible goals to achieve and stress myself out beyond belief to achieve them. Well he’s right about one thing.  I am hard on my self however the goals  I set are nothing but achievable.  For a normal person that is.. and even if i don’t succeed in hitting my goals i know after getting mad at myself that I did my best and got as far as I could before throwing in the towel.

Thats important to me that I try my best no matter what,  I set those goals up for myself as soon as I became a mom. Perfection was the goal and I never quite made it to that but i know that I am a better mom for trying to be perfect.   I never want my child to think that I don’t love them or that I just didn’t even try and they never will because I know that I try and so do they.

Any who I’ll be posting an update when we finally know the gender! Wish us luck that its human haha ❤


Ps Im almost a licensed cosmetologist! WOOOT!