The Good, Bad, and Ugly Truth about Pregnancy


They very word can mean so much to some and so little to others.

To some Pregnancy is a first time roller coaster of what the hell is going on with my body.  To others Pregnancy is a joyous event where your closest friend is having the first of her litter and will give you a glimpse of what motherhood is like (aka your future). 

However, to most women who are now on round two or three of this journey, it means that you have to sit back and try to enjoy a long 9 months of many, MANY uncomfortable changes in your body. Don’t get me wrong there are some very enjoyable moments along the way. Like feeling the baby move or kick, but those can also be very uncomfortable the farther along you get.

Probably the most irritating aliment that has occurred thus far in this pregnancy has been the itching.  Some of you already know I have anxiety and part of my anxiety is, when at its worst, hives which of course itch.  So itching has always been an overwhelming uncontrollable factor of my anxiety when it flares up. I think the worst part about pregnancy itching is that it occurs randomly on any part of my body and I have no explanation.  Itching my body used to be an indication that I was worrying about an underlying problem.  Now its just a part of normal every day life, well at least until the baby is born.  What drives me insane is that I have to itch I can’t ignore it. I’ve tried everything to alleviate it, alas nothing works. For me that is, but here’s some facts about the itch. 

  • The Itch It can occur in almost 25% of women during pregnancy. Most common itching will occur on your breasts or stomach due to stretching skin or changing hormones. Ways to help itching is to cut back on warm baths, perfumes and switch to fragrance free or free and clear detergent. As these things can be a contributing factor to your body’s “reaction.” Moisturize your skin as often as possible and wear loose cotton clothing to stay cool during warm months.

Stretch marks is a common problem for everyone, I think, during pregnancy.  The problem is that they happen EVERYWHERE even places you don’t think could get stretch marks lol. So the normal place that everyone automatically tries to prevent from getting stretch marks is the tummy, but you need to be protecting everything!! From your breasts to your buttocks.  Even your knees! You will gain weight in the strangest places! The best thing I’ve found that helps with not only making sure that your stretch marks don’t get worse between baby one and baby two, but it also helps reverse the stretch marks after the baby is born is Belly Oil by Zoe Organics.  I found it at Target, its amazing.  Belly Oil is completely organic and its one of the few organic oils out there that doesn’t have coconut oil in it, nor does it have any other nut oils in it. Which for my family is very important seeing as my husband is highly allergic to nuts (including scent’s of nuts because of his asthma) and until my daughter turns two we will be treating her as if she has the allergies as well because we cannot do allergy testing until then.  SO, I use it every night after my shower on my tummy, my breasts, my love handles that have come back with a vengeance this pregnancy and even on my butt. Because when you gain weight out of nowhere it just grabs ahold of whatever it can lol! I think the worst part is when the itch combines with the stretch and you don’t realize your actually helping the stretch marks by itching them. Heres the facts.

  • The Stretch Stretch marks usually appear as pink, red or purple lines on your tummy, bottom, thighs and breasts.  Pregnancy hormones also soften the fibres in your skin, making stretch marks more likely. Most pregnant women get stretch marks.  Stretch marks are permanent. In the months following your baby’s birth, they will probably become paler than they were while you were pregnant. How they look in the longer term will depend on your skin colour, but they will become less noticeable.

I’m sure that most of you, who have had babies or are now pregnant have noticed that your breast will grow/ swell during pregnancy. Not only do your breasts grow but so will your nipples! This was something I didn’t prepare myself for with my first pregnancy. I remember looking at my breasts one day to see how huge they had gotten and to top it off the hormones had darkened my nipples as well.  I felt like I was looking at a strangers body. However it was all mine.  This time around I thought I knew what to expect.. until my breasts grew beyond a couple of cups.  I went from a D to a G. That’s six, SIX, cup sizes. Woah. I was not expecting that and with the new growth came new stretch marks as well. Not only did they grow but they were also very sore for about three weeks after the random growth.  My breasts grew exponentially in the 2nd trimester. Luckily I went to the Motherhood store and got new bras to help the situation haha. Heres the facts.

  • The Boobs Your breasts are gearing up to feed baby as soon as you become pregnant, that means growth as well as feeling things you’ve never felt before like tingling in your nipples. A lot of things change during this time of your pregnancy.  The skin around your nipples will appear darker and may have tiny bumps which is your body’s way of directing your baby towards your nipple for their first feed. By the time your baby is born the glandular tissue in the breasts may have doubled in size which can happen any time between mid-pregnancy to late or even after the baby is born.

Pelvic Pain other wise known as PGP has got to be the killer this go around.  Every time I turn over in bed there is a loud painful pop in my pelvis.  It feels like, for a lack of better words, I’ve been kicked in the balls.  Or at least I think thats how it would feel like.  Ive talked to my midwife about it and she’s referred me to a chiropractor to try and alleviate the pain.  She thinks that the baby may have pushed something out of alignment.  We will see, I  have an appointment soon assuming that they accept my insurance. 

  • The Pelvic Pain Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) during pregnancy swelling and pain can make the cartilage and pelvic in your pubis region less stable.  Your body produces a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin softens your ligaments, the tough tissues that connect your joints. This means that your pelvis can be more mobile during pregnancy to help you pass the baby during delivery. PGP will clear up within a few weeks or a month after delivery. (GOOD NEWS YAY!)

The best part is feeling the baby move the whole time, even when it gives your discomfort its a beautiful reminder that your little love is still in there and doing well.  I love feeling my baby hiccup and kick, but I hate that over the last week the baby has found my ribs! It’s so hard to breathe when there’s a foot in your ribs lol.  It’s like a double-edged sword because you love that your little one is growing but hate that it’s causing you pain.  Is it normal?

  • The Baby Moved!!  The first time you experience your baby move it can be exciting and emotional. It’s common to feel your baby move around 18-20 weeks but it is possible to feel movement or “butterflies” before this.  (I experienced butterflies at 13 weeks) From 7-8 weeks of pregnancy the baby will be stirring around in there, at 9 weeks the baby will be hiccuping and moving its tiny arms and legs.  By 10 weeks the baby can move its head and stretch its hands to its face and by 12 weeks baby is yawning and stretching!  Gradually your baby will become strong enough for you to feel him or her and its an amazing experience. At first it can feel like bubbles popping, but before one you’ll feel the baby pushing and squirming even turning over.  You’re kiddo won’t always be a little ninja in there, but don’t worry as long as you feel them move at least 10 separate times in two hours your little tyke is just fine.  If you get further along in your pregnancy and start to worry that your little one isn’t active enough talk to your midwife or doctor.  They will help reassure you of your worry.  Drinking cold water or eating spicy food and laying on your side can help the baby get to moving around if you’re particularly worried but don’t want to contact your doctor.

Although these are not all the good, bad, and ugliest that we have during pregnancy these are the key points that felt necessary to discuss.  If there are any questions anyone has please feel free to comment below.  Just remember I am not a doctor or midwife, but I have done this a couple of times now.  If I can help I will, if I can’t I’ll try to help find you someone who can!