and then there were Four.

Well, as many of you know Baby Evelyn has graced us with her presence.  She is a tiny, but fierce being with such an attitude for a two week old.

As the weeks neared to my due date, my midwife was growing concerned with Evelyn’s growth, or the abundance of growth I should say.  Evie was already weighing over 8lbs and with a history of shoulder dystocia from my previous birth, my midwife wanted to induce.  However, induction was not a possibility.  My body was showing no signs of being ready for labor.  Two weeks from my due date and I was at 30% effaced and not dilated AT ALL. So the only plan was to wait. At my last appointment, I had made some improvements and we scheduled an induction for that next Wednesday.

However, fate had another plan.

9 AM February 19, 2017 (Due Date): Woke up to my oldest daughter running into my room happy as a clam. We laughed and played a bit, watched some tv and we started to get dressed.

10 AM cramping started, but they stayed mostly in the front so I thought they were Braxton hicks contractions or gas.  I timed them anyways just to see if they were timeable and they came every 15- 20 minutes. About 10:45 I used the restroom where some unmentionables happened (this is key and when I knew labor had started!) After that contractions were about every 5 minutes but not too painful. I talked to my husband who looked at me like I was insane for not telling him sooner and we called the midwife.

My midwife was glad that I had decided to call because she had been out in the garden and needed to get cleaned up just in case contractions stayed consistent.  She told me to time it some more, get my things together, and to call her back in about an hour if we decided to go into the hospital to at least get checked. With all of this going on I hadn’t eaten anything and we had lost the “clicker” to my car (the “clicker” unarms the car and lets me start it) so we transferred the car seat out of my car and into my husbands and I packed all the last minute things.  We called the midwife and told her we were going to head that way around 1pm. All the while my 1 1/2 year old is running around holding on to my leg begging me not to leave.

We stopped to get food at Sonic (because I was STARVING)  I knew once I got to the hospital that they wouldn’t give me any food.

Around then I stopped keeping time and started stuffing my face and begging my husband not to drive like a maniac, haha. We made it to the hospital and got checked in. My midwife checked me and I was well on my way at 3cm and 100% effaced. We were doing this.

Around 7cm pain levels were at about an 8 and we decided to break my waters because contractions were still only 5 minutes apart and I was getting exhausted.  That’s when shit got real.  Literally. There was meconium in my waters, which for those of you who have never had a baby means that little Evie had pooped inside me due to stress of labor.  My cool went out the window and I began to panic.  Regaining my ability to handle the pain of labor was an uphill battle from that moment.  I tried everything I could to focus on getting her out, but with every contraction another part of my body began to light on fire with pain.  I tried all positions possible and I’m almost 100% positive that I almost threw my husbands back out everytime had I had a contraction while standing, poor man. At some point I ended up on my back for the end of labor and everytime anyone would touch my legs it felt like fire.

Finally at 7:54 pm Evelyn Aria was born. 8lbs 9oz 20.5 inches long.

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