A Letter to my Mom.

I remember the sound of splashing water and laughter echoing across the public pool.  The sound of mothers calling after their children not to run and the exclamations from children, “Mom, look at me! Look at me! Count how long I can hold my breath!”  I remember you would watch the whole time, I never had to doubt if you were actually counting my seconds under water.  You would even take the shirt off your own back if it meant I wouldn’t get sunburnt.

I remember driving with the windows down in your Ford Taurus on our way to our favorite after pool snack. Begging for chili cheese fries and ice cream. You’d get us both (usually) just because it made us smile. Summer was my favorite time of the year because just us three would do whatever we wanted. No school no work just the Three Musketeers.

I remember the smell of chlorine and eating chili cheese fries sitting on towels in front of the T.V. waiting on you to get out of the shower.  My brother and I eating slowly and in a trance with whatever was on the television at the time.  Trying to not be the first person done eating because whoever was had to take a shower first.  (For some reason it was a competition between the two of us to see who could win the last shower. Although at some point he became smart and would shower first so that I would be left with cold water.)

I remember cuddling up watching T.V. on your bed, back when we all lived in that one room. All three of us would sit there and basically pass out from exhaustion and wait until Dad came home.

You called us the “Three Musketeers.”

You still do.

Nostalgia beckons me to make the same memories with my daughters as you did with my brother and I.  I could only hope to be half the mother you were and still are.  Not only do you constantly give support to me you’re always there for my children and my husband.  You’ve been the mom even my friends can call their own, because you love with no end.

On this mothers day I celebrate because I remember how amazing of a mom you were and still are to us.  I remember crying into your arms over breakups and laughing with you over how stupid something was. I remember you scraping every last penny you had together for christmas or so that my brother and I would never go without.  I remember after school nachos from the gas station when we were in Jr. High. I remember you giving us your last dollars to play games at the arcade.

I remember.

And now, with all that I remember, I wish that my girls will remember how hard I worked to make them happy the way you did for us.  To make sure they are fulfilled in life even at a young age like you always did and still do.  I want to support their every endeavor & teach them to be good people.

But most of all for this Mothers Day what I want to be more like YOU.

Happy Mothers Day Momma.

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