Teething and Diapers

I write this while sitting on the toilet. Well, let me rephrase that, sitting on the toilet watching my daughter take the thirteenth bath this weekend due to the explosive diarrhea epidemic of the summer in 2016, other wise known as teething.

This weekend has particularly been challenging for me, and maybe I’m just being a big ol’ baby, but DEAR LORD! This child. She has been in the best of moods, the worst of moods and gone through so many pieces of clothing in only 4 days that I feel like I’m losing my shit. It makes me want to pull my hair out that theres nothing that I can do to make the upset stomach problems go away.  She’s very temperamental and I mean who wouldn’t be if your bottom was 7 shades of spotted red? Even if i change her the second it happens its still a mess and she’s constantly in pain! Whats a budget mom to do? Well I’ll tell you.

I dig through my drawers find my lavender essential oils and put it in every bath she takes!   Not to mention that I add a cup of powdered oatmeal to the bath to help soothe the tushy.

Although this weekend has been rough, and I’m sure the rest of this week will be as well, I look down at this little kid learning words at the speed of light, screaming like a pterodactyl because she loves to hear how high she can go, walking around and running into things or stomping her feet to hear the sound, I realize that I have no idea how my life would be right now if she were not in it.  I don’t even understand how I survived this world without her.  She lights up the room even if she’s throwing a tantrum.  She gives me the best damn hugs in the galaxy, no seriously ask her NawNaw she’ll agree.  Even when I’m having a melt down because she’s gone through all of her extra clothes and theres poopy diapers in the bed of the truck and some how it got on her face and arm.  She finds a way to make me calm down.  I really don’t know how I got to be so lucky in life, my husband and I are truly blessed.

I feel like lately I’ve been slacking as a mom, with being frustrated and stressed, school is now 4 days a week all day and then fitting doctors appointments (not just mine but Freyahs) in on Fridays I barely have time for cleaning or doing laundry.  For those with multiples I have no idea how you do it! I keep trying my best and I know in the long run its worth it for my family to be able to help provide.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last month.  No matter how little time I get with my child as long as I make the time we have together count and lots of fun my daughters love is unwavering.  I have come to accept the fact that my clothes are clean, but they will not always be put away in their places or hung up on a hanger in the proper place and thats okay! Being the perfect mom means getting things done as well as possible and not sweating the small stuff. The last thing I’ve learned is how to use my planning/ OCD skills to my best ability in planning out or sorting through all of our many appointments whether its doctors, dentists, WIC (yeah were on it don’t judge), grocery shopping,  or paying bills. It really has come in handy.

Just take it one diaper at a time, that’s all you can ever do.

P.S. that little chart that tells you when your kids teeth are supposed to come in is a liar. LOL

Snapchat. . The next bullying tactic?

For years photos and videos have surfaced where someone is being made fun of just for being themselves and I’m sick of it.

Now that Snapchat is widely used throughout most of the generations (your brothers and sisters have it, your mom has it, even your grandma has it) I feel like it’s just another outlet for bullys to make use of.  Everyday I get on my snapchat and it’s just one more video of someone making fun of how fat someone is, how fast someone is eating, catching someone with an ugly face, laughing at your friends or even complete strangers for dancing or the food in their cart at the store. Its not only snapchat it’s instagram and Facebook too.  So why has this become so popular in today’s culture? Why is it the norm to just over look your friends snaps or laugh at/with them at someone’s struggles? It makes me mad. Furious in fact.

You don’t know what someone else is going through. Making fun of someone who is overweight does not help anyone. Okay, maybe it makes your skinny bitch ass feel better even though you still have self image problems. But where did we as a society decide that it was okay to dog on someone while they were down?

I have weight problems and for the first time in a long time I have admitted to myself that I need to do something about it. However, not everyone has something to shock their system into needing to be healthier. Some people have just given up or just have a hard time in general losing weight. For those who don’t know fat is easier to put on than it is to take off.  For years I’ve hated my body and struggled to lose weight with my thyroid disease and it took getting on the right diet to make any change to my weight. The whole time being bullied by people or getting disrespectful looks while at the store or attending school.

I feel like we should be lifting each other up not tearing them down and definitely not sharing viral videos of people dancing and making fun of them for it. You should be rejoicing in the fact that they put themselves on that dance floor and are trying to have confidence to enjoy themselves. To better themselves because cardio is cardio no matter how you look at it.  The only time I ever danced in public without having a mini heart attack from anxiety was when I was inebriated. I give major props to those who can even go to the gym and not break down crying because of self esteem issue *cough cough* me.

As a parent I don’t want my daughter to ever be ashamed of herself because someone shared a video of her being a normal kid/person.

So before you show your friends and family how much of an ass you are why don’t you stop being so damn hateful. Kindness deserves to go viral not hate.

So do yourself a favor make #snapchatlovenothate


A letter to my Daughter..

On our First official mothers day together, that isn’t being  spent completely exhausted recovering from labor two days prior and being in an adrenaline rush haze, I would like to write a letter to my baby girl.


A couple days ago was the one year anniversary of the day I spent 12.5 hours bringing you into the world. For a while it was just you and me kid.  I mean yeah your dad was there every step of the way, and for the most part so were your grandparents (minus PopPop for the actual labor). However, for 9 (almost 10) months it was just you and me. I carried you all on my own and I birthed you on my own.  No one could do it for me, it was just you and me.  Even after your birth I was the first one who got to hold you.  They placed you in my shaking arms as I cried in relief that you were okay.  I looked you over and counted your fingers and toes and you looked at me not even crying until they took you from me.  Your father held back tears and starred from the bedside.  I could tell he wanted you as much as I did but he held back knowing that after the last 12.5 hours of intense labor I needed you. I needed that moment with you.

After that it was still you and I, because it was I that sustained you.  I fed you from my breast and changed every diaper (except for the 1st one daddy called dibs lol!).  Pound after pound that was all me and you.  We struggled together with breastfeeding, we struggled together to communicate, we struggled to make sense of the new world that surrounded us that neither of us felt completely prepared for.

Together we grew and learned more than I ever thought possible.  It was I that awoke in the middle of the night to calm your nightmares or fears.  It was I that fed you through your sleep hunger and slept with you on my chest because you craved my comfort.  I thank every day for that time we spent together. As you grew I would notice you reaching your hand out deliberately or smiling at me not because of gas but because I had finally caught your eye.

Eventually you started rolling and crawling. Your first words came at 3 months Mama and Dada. The day after christmas you began standing and it wasn’t long after that when you started walking.  Although these moments are my proudest, they are also filled with some sadness. Its only a matter of time before you’re running and reading on your own and your father is teaching you to ride a bike.  Its a matter of time before your dressing yourself and doing your own hair. Which makes me realize that it will only be you and I for a little while longer.

Through this year together you have grown so much and so fast that you are not my little baby any more.  You have grown into my little girl and one day you will make a fine young woman.  Your smile and laughter brings more light into my life than every star, moon, and sun in the galaxy.

So on this mothers day, our first official mothers day, Im going to be playing with you celebrating the day with the one who makes me a mommy.  Smiling and laughing with you.  Just you and me, kid.



Easter is Upon Us

Since Easter is quickly approaching I decided to do something cute for Freyah’s daycare class and give each child in her class an easter gift “from Freyah.”  I did quite a lot of research trying to find something suitable for an infant room that would be interesting for each child no matter the age and this is what I came up with.

I searched all over Target for the best thing and decided upon these little sensory balls that light up.  I figured that each child would enjoy them.

Then I went to the Easter Aisle and found some “Easter Grass” but decided upon the paper kind incase the kids get into the actual bag.  Reason being that although i’d never give my child paper to eat, paper will digest and turn to mush so its easily swallowed, plastic does not and could choke a child/ lead to worse health problems if ingested. Any who heres the Deborah was to make Easter Gifts for and Infant Class.


  •  Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Cello Bags
  • Balls
  • Printed off Easter Tags
  • Sharpie
  • Paper Easter Grass

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Before we get started in the DIY Instructions let me just tell you that I did not make these adorable Easter Tags I searched online and found a printable from another blog. I mean lets face it.. I’m not nearly smart enough to make my own nor do I have a subscription to my photoshop account anymore. You can find the blog here, printable1 here, and printable2 here. Now on to how I made these gifts!

Step One: I signed Freyahs name to the tags and then cut them out, then I hole punched them.

Step Two:Filled all the Cello Bags with Easter Grass

Step Three: Put a ball in each bag

Step Four: Tied each bag and added the tag then Voila!

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There you have it cute simple Easter gifts for your little ones friends at school! Hope you found this tutorial easy and fun!

Side Note: Freyah and I went out with a friend the other day and took Easter Photos in the Texas Bluebonnets, which is a tradition here. So heres the photos from the shoot!

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Crockpot Lava Cake

Well this is my first time ever doing a DIY Blog BUT I have faith! Haha .. err. yup.

Today, I got a wild hair up my butt/ Chocolate Craving to make a Chili’s Copy-Cat Molten Lava Cake at home.  So what does every good mother do to find a great DIY recipe? ? Consult Pinterest of course! Linked below is the recipe I followed to attempt this lava specialty cake.

Lava Crockpot Cake Recipe

Now I’m silly and forgot to take photos during the process because lets face it I did not know I was even going to do this.. it just happened.. kinda like babies .. or dirty laundry. One day you turn around and your pregnant or you realize you need to wash your clothes because you wore your entire closet and your floor has turned into one large pile of dirty laundry and you no longer have a “clean pile.” Trust me it happens at least once in your young adult life.

Side Note:Mine lasted like about 6 months haha pre pregnancy of course due to not having on site laundry facility and living at my place of work literally only ever had time to wash my work clothes yeah you can save the EWWWS for someone who cares.

Anyways back to the point of this post!

I followed the directions of not mixing the pudding with the cake mix and added what little  chocolate chips I had on top and then added some candy melts that were left over from christmas candy making. Then I left the crockpot on “low” for approximately 2.5 hours. When the buzzer went off I checked the  concoction and it seemed a little.. jiggly? Haha I don’t know what to call it but it just did not look right to me so i decided to give it some more time.

When re-reading the directions I found that they were using a different shaped/depth of crockpot this is why I chose to add time as well as the way it looked.

At this point I decided to take some photos so you could see what I was talking about haha

See? Its kinda weird looking..

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Well I left it on for about another 45 minutes to and hour and the top had hardened a bit more it wasn’t as jiggly and when you spooned into it you could clearly see a more sponge like consistency.

After making the scrumdidlyumptious cake of lavas (and eating dinner) I spooned a nice helping into a bowl then topped it in true Texas style with Homemade Vanilla Bluebell Ice Cream. Yes, the Ice Cream that had an outbreak of Listeria that which killed 3 people in Kansas in 2015 article liked below.  The Ice Cream Prohibition struck Texas right in the middle of my pregnancy.  Thats when all the Pregnant Ice Cream Sad Memes started to surface on Facebook that we all thought was hilarious (at least you did if you are/were/had ever been pregnant because it can make a shitty day an amazing one.)

Crazy Bluebell Prohibition Due to Listeria OutBreak

The Photo Below was every pregnant woman nightmare for about 4-5 months maybe longer depending on where in the country you lived.  This forced many of us to try different brands of ice cream for the very first time.. I came to realize that the only brand I liked other than Blue Bell was Oak Farms which is a MILK BRAND.. haha. FML.

bluebell recal photo


After I put amazing Ice Cream on the Copy-Cat cake I topped it off with Magic Shell Chocolate Fudge by Smuckers.  Which can be purchased pretty much anywhere. My Hubby and I enjoyed amazing Molten Chocolate Lava Cake (and still have left overs) for dessert and it was the best I’ve ever had.  I like the DIY version more because its more gooey from the pudding that you use. Not like gooey cake but maybe a more appropriate word would be more fudgey (if thats even a word).  I strongly recommend the recipe if anyone is looking for something that is SUPER easy for a date night or little dinner party. Any who so I’ll share the photos of the finished product.


Ok, ok so my presentation sucks BUT it was my first time doing a DIY Food Blog.  I hope I didn’t waste anyones time, but I had so much fun creating this Lava Cake. Please comment if you’ve ever made your own or if you try this recipe.  Let me know if you liked it or if you changed any of the steps because if theres a way to make this better.. Im so down to try it.

Thanks again for reading and have a great week ya’ll!


We’re All Grown Up


As I drive to meet with my cousin approximately three hours from where I live; I slowly realize that we are not children anymore. I will be watching her embark upon a great coming of age moment where she will try on wedding dresses for the first time.

It was only a little over a year ago that I married my best friend and in 9 months she will be married to hers. I find it hard to believe that this woman, who used to walk around in her daddy’s boots and a diaper, is going to be walking down the aisle in some short months from now.

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I glanced over at my daughter sleeping peacefully and I thanked God that I have a good traveling child. Then I wondered if when the time came how I would feel if it were my daughters wedding we were preparing for.. quickly shaking that thought from my mind (because i have at least 18 years before I have to worry about that!) Pondering farther I tried to figure out how we got here, to this place in time where my brother and I are parents and married. How did my cousins grow up so fast? Ones about to be a father and the other is getting married.  It astounds me that time has flown by in the blink of an eye.

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A single shutter click and bam with the blinding light in your eye you’re not a little child anymore.  You’re stumbling around in this crazy, sometimes fucked up, world trying to figure out what the hell is the right thing to do. I look back to freshman year of high school and see this puffy haired goofy grinned little kid who thought she knew everything. Some how along the way I graduated high school, started college, fell in love, got lost a little bit with who I wanted to be, and now I’m here. A mother whose married and sometimes a little bit confused on whether or not she’s doing the right things or headed in the right direction.  I wondered if my mother ever tried to figure out when she became an adult or how she ended up with two full grown children of her own.

Here’s some things that I do know.  I have an amazing husband that I met through a really close friend.  I have a beautiful 9 month old daughter who drives me insane with love every second of every day.  I have two nephews and one niece whom I’ve watched grow in to little people it seems almost over night.  My mother is still one of my best friends and I thank God every day for her.  I have a best friend that Ive known since freshman year she has beautiful twin girls.  She is my wifey, fo lifey (lol).  I also have another really close friend who introduced me to my husband who has been like the bigger sister I never had.  These people are my family, the people I mentioned before are also my family and together we can achieve anything.  Because some how I turned around and my life that I had been waiting to start had already started when I wasn’t paying attention.

Now we’re all grown up.

RSV and My Family

Probably the worst thing you can hear over the phone as a parent is, “Im taking her to the hospital.” Especially when you’re about an hour away in school.

The words, “She stopped breathing for a minute,” and, “She now has labored breathing,” kept repeating in my mind.  Like a broken record singing the same old tune over and over while I tried to fill out an early release form for school.  Putting up all of my belongings was like a train wreck.  Medication no longer fixed the jittery hands and anxiety that began itching throughout my entire body.

Clocking out and basically running to the car I called my husband (for the second time in all the mayhem) to see where he was at. Today was a pretty important day for the both of us.

Side Note: Earlier that day my husband had been at his first day of work (a much welcomed occasion) and I had started the first day of Salon Concepts (the halfway point of my cosmetology program).

We were both returning from the Houston area, but at the speed of light.  My husband made it to the ER first (approx. 5 minutes before me).  I pulled in to the parking lot to see his car and my mothers truck.  Walking inside my heart pounded like it was going to burst up out of my chest cavity into my throat. I took a deep breath and waited at the ER window for the idiot behind the desk to answer the plea on my face.

“Can I help you,” he asked?  “I’m Freyah’s mother, she was brought in for breathing issues,” I replied. “Room 10.”

Thats all I needed to know, after hearing those words I took off towards the double doors. My family wasn’t ignorant to this hospital.  We had been here many times over the years, from my brother almost poking his eye out with needle nose pliers (by freak accident of course) to my mother scaring the crap out of me and having a seizure (which was completely unexplained). Nephews having sicknesses or accidents, I myself had been in ICU here just when I was 19 for bleeding out after having my adenoids removed.  Family and friends children had been born in this hospital.  My daughter had been born here. I prayed that she was okay and left the aide in the office in my dust as I sped through the ER desperately looking for the ominous “Room 10.”

I heard my husband voice coddle our sweet daughters whines as I turned the corner and my mother explaining that they had just given her a nebulizer treatment.  I entered the door and instantly Freyah smiled at me then stretched out her arms for me. Embracing her fully she wriggled her fingers through my curls and I let out a sigh of relief.  Knowing that she was breathing better than before with less wheeze than I had heard earlier that day.  I looked at my mom and thanked her repeatedly.

They came in and got chest x-rays, but they came back clear so at least she didn’t have pneumonia or bronchitis. Then the doctor came in, “Well she tested positive for RSV.”  I didn’t even know what RSV is.  I just said, “okay so what do we do?”  She wrote us prescriptions gave us tylenol (rolls eyes I have that at home), and told us to suction out her nose with saline (not to mention she prescribed ADULT NOSE SPRAY) We left and then began one of the longest nights of my life.

Tears and wheezing, followed by fever and not eating. What could I do? The doctor said there was no cure for this RSV. So I did what every mom does now days.  I went to the internet.  I learned that RSV stands for Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus.  It is a common seasonal virus that causes mild to moderate cold-like symptoms in healthy, full term babies.  Nearly all children catch this at some point by the age of two. (You can read more here embracing beauty blog) I learned that I should contact my regular pediatrician if I notice any of the following blueing lips or fingernails, wheezing, or fever. So I called her pediatrician the next morning, but couldn’t get her in until Wednesday.

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At that appointment she received another nebulizer treatment and they sent us home with a puppy nebulizer and lots of refills of medication.  Ever since she’s been getting better.  However did you know that adults can catch RSV as well? RSV usually causes mild cold-like signs and symptoms including but not limited to congestion or runny nose.


All in all, as a family, we are doing much better. Husband and I still have a runny nose, but we are not contagious! Yay 😀 and Freyah has been over 48 hours now without medication or fever!  So back to school for the both of us.. and no more driving like an idiot on the highway.. for a while at least.  The only other update today is that yesterday around 4:30 pm Bitty Boo started getting really cranky and I felt inside her mouth and she has a tooth! Well.. not a whole tooth but the start of one and thats all that matters!

I seriously thought I was going to have a toothless child for a while haha! Thanks for reading!!

Just Keep Moving Mommy

So today was the first time that I ever took Bitty Boo to the Mall.  I know crazy right? That she made it to almost 9 months old without me dragging her to the mall. Haha.. ha.  I may have been a germaphobic when she was born.. I chanced going to the regular store but the mall?? NO WAY! Too many germs.

Well since her immune system is pretty well balanced, due to daycare, and mommy had a much needed apple care appointment today we decided to venture into the unknown. I’d like to make a huge shout out to my mom for coming along with us, I had so much anxiety today I wouldn’t have made it without her.

So we get to the mall, (which is about a 45 minute drive from our country town) find a parking spot in the Macy’s/Forever 21 parking lot and make our way into Macy’s Children’s Department Store. Which was probably the WORSE place for me and my mother to go to. Haha we have an obnoxious shopping problem when it comes to buying clothes for Bitty Boo. Luckily fate was in our favor and we only walked out after spending like $35.00 which is amazing considering they were having a 40% off sale.

Any who we met up with one of my friends for a bit 😀 I was so excited for her to meet the baby!! Then made our way (partially ran) to my apple care appointment. Dodging those annoying people on the way there trying to spray me with the next $70.00 perfume or trying to get me to switch from my cellular carrier to theirs. -sigh- *rolls eyes* LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Up until this point Bitty Boo had been really good, barely fussing, just taking in the scenery. As soon as we get up to the Genius Bar she starts in and in swoops SUPER NAWNAW! Seriously, trying to talk to someone about your computer’s problems while your  child is upset is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because the whole time you’re utterly distracted.  Trying to keep your mind on what you’re there for and not your child getting mad that we stopped moving the stroller is not easy. Finally she settles down with her sippy cup and we get everything handled.

After that we went to the food court, got something to drink, and a snack while feeding the baby.

Freyahs 1st mall trip

She was feeling much better at this point so we decided to go look at Bra’s and then some slacks. During the bra escapade she falls asleep and then as soon as you stop moving the stroller..

BAM! She’s crying at you.  All you can hear is your body screaming at you keep it moving don’t stop just go in circles if it calms her.  I mean she wasn’t even all that upset looking back at it. She was just tired and hungry, but the whole time my anxiety is just yelling at me inside my head saying, “hey stupid fix whats wrong.”

Of course my stupid self doesn’t pack enough food for how long we were gone and the baby is starving so we stop at Wal-mart to buy some of those squeezable food pouches (pictured below) and I have to say that was a life saver! For the first time all afternoon I could breathe because the baby wasn’t in any form of distress.


I gotta say handling all of this anxiety is exhausting, but I know it would have been worse if I were handling it all alone.  My mom is amazing and she helps me every day.  Im always apologizing for not being able to fix the problem my child is having right away.  Apologizing for her crying and being upset or loud.  But my mom always tells me that its okay and you know what it is okay.  Its totally fine that my child was upset and loud, who cares if it was bothering someone.  No one seemed super irritated by it, so why should I feel ashamed of not being able to calm her instantly?

Kids are going to be kids, they cry, spit, sneeze on faces, drool, scream. However, they also hug, laugh, kiss, smile, say your name in grumpy monster voices, cuddle, and give you eskimo kisses that turn into forehead wrestling matches. (lol.)

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Sometimes being a mom is incredibly demanding, hell the other morning she woke up at 3 am and didn’t go back to sleep. She was ready to start the day. I had only 3 hours of sleep before doing a full day at school.  Sometimes it sucks when it comes to sleep, but every hour in between, every hour you spend teaching them things and watching them grow a personality is all worth it.

Just keep moving Mommy, just keep moving.

The Ugly Truth


Lets be Honest here.

Sometimes you’re just utterly tired.  Exhausted.  Sometimes you just need a flippin minute. Or maybe you’ve just been pooped on or spit up on and you can’t always hold your precious little one 24/7. 

So what do you do?  You do what all parents do.

You put them down.

Yes! OMG I know!  God forbid you put your child down for a few minutes to get some mommy time.

I believe that putting your child down for a while is actually good for them, they can learn independence and how to self soothe a bit.  Every time the baby cries you don’t have to immediately rush to them.  When you hear that whine come over the monitor just take a deep breath and count to 10. Sometimes they’re just talking in their sleep. Sometimes they’re actually awake and want you to come say hello, but that 10 seconds while breathing in can help you center yourself and prepare for “turning the mommy on.”

Maybe I should explain that a bit..

Like many people I was a completely different person before I was pregnant. Before I went through 12 hours of labor and pushed a baby out of my vagina I was something completely different.

I was a party girl, a full time art student, a dough throwing pizza chick.  Literally, I worried about myself and my boyfriend of 6 years. Bills were all that ever were on my mind besides getting good grades.  So when I hear that cry come over the monitor I have to mentally prepare myself. 

Now don’t get me wrong.

I love my child more than anything in the world.  Hell I never thought that I could even have children. So the fact that my little girl is in her crib asleep right now is the biggest blessing I could have ever hoped for.  That being said, sometimes I have to push myself to be the best that I can be and prepare myself for what may come when I walk in that nursery.  

So I breathe, count to 10, and then tend to her.

As a mother who is constantly dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety those extra 10 seconds can do a world of difference for how I handle a situation.

I mean, lets face it you can go in and there will be a smile on your baby’s face and you can pick them up and cuddle the crap out of them. Give them raspberries while you’re changing their diaper and have those babies chuckling themselves into your arms before your leaving the room.  OR You can enter a freaking war zone.  Screaming and tears with coughing because she’s got a runny nose and she leaked through her diaper during nap time because teething decided to bare its ugly head one more time and give your child diarrhea. So not only do you have to calm your poopy child down who just wants to be hugged and kissed while you’re simultaneously trying to take her clothes off so that you can see exactly how bad of a situation you’re dealing with. Then once you get in there and assess the damage she’s trying to wriggle out of the diaper faster than you can get it off of her and then all you’re left with is a child dangling over the edge of the changing table because you were quick enough to grab one foot before she lunged herself over the edge. Leaving a terror of poop smeared across the changing pad.

That’s just how it is, you either have a good experience or one that’s well.. not so good.  I don’t like to call them bad because by the end of it yes you have a lot of poop to clean up but at least you can laugh about it.

Back to the point of this entire post I think that ultimately we, as parents, have to do a lot of things that we were never prepared for. Sometimes we have to put our babies down for the sake of our own sanity. If that means that I have to put her in the play pin for 10 minutes while Baby TV is on so that I can go in the next room with the monitor and just look at Facebook or read a magazine then I’m going to do it.  She’s not going to die, you’re right there within ear shot. 

Of course this goes without saying, but do this within reason (sometimes the dullest crayons in the box take things for granted and do it all the time ultimately stunting the child’s development).

So in the end I just want to say its okay, we all do it (well most of us there are those few super mommies that just “never do anything wrong” *rolls eyes*) the ugly truth is that sometimes you just need a minute.

*disclosure I do not support you leaving your child completely unattended in a bouncer/jumper/high chair or free range in the living room as injuries can occur please use the head that god gave you and be smart about the “minutes” you give yourself*


Sick Day (weekend) / 1 year anniversary

I started my day off like any other day, caring for lovely Bebe.  Things were going well (or so I thought) and I was off running errands with my mother when out of no where I felt incredibly sick to my stomach.

“Oh, Man I don’t think I could be pregnant..” were  the exact words that crossed my mind.

It also happened to be the first question my mother asked me.

I happen to be incredibly grateful for my mother seeing as every time I tried to stand, walk, or pick up the baby nausea struck my entire body like a bat was trying to force what little food I had been able to consume out of my being.  She was every so graciously taking care of not only myself but my 8 month old child.  When we finally got back home I crawled my way into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

Then the feeling of abandoning my child hit me like a tidal wave.  My husband was at home and doing his best to keep our daughter contained.  Apparently when Mommy is sick the only person in the world who can calm her is, well Mommy.  So we did the one thing they tell you not to do. We brought her and my husband into my room and she stayed calm (for the most part).

After hours of dry heaving and fever I then passed out after finally being able to keep ice chips down.  I woke to my daughter crying at 2 am.

My husband quickly got up to tend her and got her to go back down. I remember thinking to myself that it was strange that she wake in the middle of the night.  She usually sleeps through most of the time and has since she was 6 months or so.. I gave my passing thought little importance and passed out for a while more.

6:00 AM

Screaming erupted from my daughters monitor on my bedside table.  I rolled over and glanced at the clock, then rolled back over to look at my “snorlax” of a husband. I sat up and every muscle in my body begged for me to lay back down, but my daughters cries found a will much stronger inside that pushed me forward.

As I slowly staggered into her room a fowl odor reached my nose.  I reached for her bedroom lamp and then picked her up to hush her screams.  First thing i felt for was a temperature then a dampness soaked through my night clothes.

Poor thing had soaked through her diaper and her pajamas.  Catastrophe has struck her crib through her sheets to her mattress pad.  Well it had happened I made my daughter sick. She had caught whatever virus that I had but lackluster.  After trying my darnedest to get her out of her clothes without smearing poo all throughout her hair I cleaned her up and found a clean pacifier. We cuddled in my bed until 7 where she decided it was bright enough to be awake no matter how she felt.

My little girl seems to be a glass half-full kinda gal.  Fever? Diarrhea? Who cares! Must touch and play with EVERYTHING!!!!!

Dad continued to sleep until 6PM. (O.O)

Thats when I realized he had caught the same bug.  I had infected the ENTIRE FAMILY (well .. our side of the house my mom and dad remain untouched like the great white buffalo).

24 hours later we remain in our cave. Alive. On our 1 year anniversary both recovering. Our daughter still running fever off and on, but we have survived.  We worked as a team and I learned a very important lesson.  Its okay to let someone help you when you’re sick/dying of stomach virus.  You don’t have to be a supermom all the time and sometimes its okay to let dad be a superdad if it means getting the job done (he’s really quite good at it).

So heres to a year of marriage and 8 months of parenthood! Without my hubby I don’t know what I would do.